Our Story

Little did we know, in the summer of 2006, when we moved the family farming operation to the rolling hills of Southern Iowa, that we would be back in the cattle business and raising Grass-Fed Beef. Initially, we grew corn and soybeans utilizing the best conservation methods available, including no-till, crop rotation, contour farming, grass waterways and terraces, all in an attempt to conserve top soil.

After several years of row cropping the farm we realized we needed to find a better way to conserve our top soil and to utilize the farm to its fullest potential, with a strong commitment to long term sustainability. We wanted to hand down the farm to the next generation in better condition than when we started. Out of this desire, the idea of raising premium quality Angus Grass-Fed Beef was born.

In 2013, with the help of our daughter, Amanda, and son-in-law, Adam, we began the transformation of the farm back to a cattle grazing operation, converting the row crop land back to pastures, building fences, digging water lines and growing the cow herd. We attended classes provided by University of Idaho, University of Missouri and Iowa State University focused on rotational grazing and grass finishing cattle.

Today, we have over 130 Registered Angus cows, and their calves, that we raise on grass from conception to finish on our 450 acre farm. Every day brings new challenges and adventures on the farm, but we are humbled to work with these wonderful creatures on the land that we love on a daily basis. We are proud to sell our high quality Grass-Fed Beef direct to the consumer through 2XL Premium Angus, LLC and provide superior quality Angus breeding stock to our fellow cattle producers through 2XL Cattle Company, LLC.

Glenn and Michelle (Shelly) Kreuder – Owners
Glenn and Shelly, with over fifty years of farming experience of growing crops and raising livestock, work together on the daily operations and management of the farm and the cattle. On any given day they can be seen doing chores, moving cattle, building fence, birthing calves or selling their Grass-Fed Beef at the Downtown Des Moines Farmer’s Market. They are passionate about raising cattle in a way that is good for the cattle, the environment and their customers.

Drs. Adam Krull & Amanda Kreuder Krull – Owners
Adam and Amanda both graduated from Iowa State University with bachelor’s degrees in dairy science and then continued their education to become large animal veterinarians in 2008. Since that time they worked as veterinarians in northeastern Wisconsin near Green Bay before returning to Iowa State in 2010 to further their education and complete PhDs and advanced veterinary clinical training. It was during this time that they discovered their passion for registered Angus cattle. Today, both Adam and Amanda continue to work at ISU as clinicians, researchers, and Professors at the Veterinary College. Amanda is a boarded large animal internal medicine specialist who spends most of her time treating cattle, sheep and goat patients in the Food Animal Hospital, while Adam is a clinical microbiologist in the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Iowa State. The majority of their time not spent “at work” is spent working on the farm and making sure that the cows and calves are happy and healthy.

Bob Ericson – Assistant Farm Manager
Bob is a huge asset to our operation. He has a lifetime of experience raising cattle, being born and raised on a local cattle operation. He is in charge of the daily moving, feeding and care of the cattle, along with keeping the farm and equipment running on a daily basis. We really appreciate his strong work ethic, his outstanding mechanical abilities, and how gently he handles the cows. He is a true “Cow Whisperer.”

Jodi Fenley – E-Commerce/Social Media Director
Who knew back when we started, that there even was such a thing as an E-Commerce/Social Media Director! Well there is and we needed one! Jodi has filled that role for us perfectly. She is in charge of our social media posting and advertising, website management, and On-Line ordering on the website. She is constantly coming up with fresh, innovative marketing ideas and is undaunted by new challenges. Her creative and positive outlook is infectious and she is a joy to work with. We are very grateful to have her on staff as we move into the world of E-Commerce, offering our amazing Grass-Fed Beef for sale on the internet!